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Brett Harriman

Welcome to the site of Harriman Travel Books, our window to the world, founded by Brett Harriman.

We are growing significantly in the fields of travel publishing, consulting and tour operations, with specific focus on the captivating beauty, history and culture of Germany and Austria. Our goal at Harriman Travel Books is the trip of your dreams.

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The Quest for the Bavarian Cross

Out now! Brett Harriman's new novel The Quest for the Bavarian Cross, Adventure in Europe is an enjoyable read that not only inspires wanderlust, but also will lead many readers to a life-changing travel experience. You won’t find another book like it! (Contains some sexual situations and references — suitable for ages 17+. Click here to read more about The Quest...)

Cover of Harriman's new adventure novel, "The Quest for the Bavarian Cross, Adventure in Europe"

Celebrate Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany with Harriman

Want to celebrate Oktoberfest like a local? Join one of Brett Harriman's cheery tour-packages in Munich, Germany!

Oktoberfest with Brett Harriman

Harriman Flying High

Singapore Airlines logoClick here to read the in-flight magazine articles written by Brett Harriman for Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airlines, and EVA Airways.

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Renew Your Wedding Vows

Symbolize your unending love and devotion to your partner by renewing your wedding vows in the romantic air of Salzburg, Austria. Packages begin from a pocket-friendly 125€.

Renew Your Wedding Vows

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Harriman Travel Consulting

Are you heading to Germany or Austria and would like help planning your itinerary? Let us do the hard work for you. Harriman will tailor a specific itinerary taking in all of the must-see sights and historical treasures best suited to your budget, schedule and personal interests. Click here to start planning your dream trip today!

Harriman Journey logo

On The Road With Harriman

Harriman readers send in their travel snapshots.

Joe from Missouri

Comparison shop the following wholesalers to find the best-priced travel products for your trip.

For the whole list of Harriman's recommended travel resources and the reasons for why Brett suggests them, click here.

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Planning to travel Europe by train? Buy your pass with RailEurope (click banner below).

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Rental car wholesalers:

Planning on renting a car in central Europe? Comparison shop the following two wholesalers.

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Are you curious for culture?

Hungry for adventure?

Do you want to explore medieval castles, indulge in Black Forest cherry cake, yodel in the Alps, drink beer by the liter, sip wine in a gothic cellar, discover World War II sites, soar into Hitler's Eagle's Nest, relive "The Sound of Music," soak in curative baths founded by Romans, dine at Europe's oldest restaurant, enjoy a bike ride along the Danube River, visit King Ludwig's fairy-tale castle, whoosh down Austria's longest toboggan run, and take a romantic stroll on cobbled lanes under a moonlit sky?

Using the do-it-yourself destination guides on this site, these are just a few of the opportunities you'll have on your next trip to Europe. The guides are written in an easy-to-follow format listing the all-important insider info, pocket-friendly tips, time-saving advice, and suggested itineraries on popular travel destinations and themed tours.

We specialize in the delightful destinations of Germany and Austria. If you're planning a trip to either captivating country, you'll be glad you dialed us up!

Note: Contact us before purchasing your rail pass through Germany or Austria. We can likely save you a bundle of time and money!!!

(See Comments at the bottom of the page and feel free to add one of your own!)

guidebook promo picture

Brett Harriman is seen here (Photoshoped) in Salzburg's Mirabell Gardens holding his most popular guidebook Self-guided Salzburg & The Sound of Music with the old-town fortress in the background. (See this guidebook on click carousel below).


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